DCM4575: Communication networks laboratory (Feb. 2006 ~ Jun. 2006)

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      The final semester grade will be submitted on 7/1. Should you have any problem on your grade, please email me directly.

< Slides >
Experiment 1: Digital Telephone Switch dts.pdf
Experiment 2: Roaming and System Performance over Wireless LAN wlan03s.pdf
Experiment 3: Cable TV networks catv03.pdf
Experiment 4: Internet Protocols and World-Wide Web snmp03.pdf
Experiment 5: Integrated Service Digital Networks isdn03.pdf
Experiment 6: Routers router03.pdf
Experiment 7: Design and Practice on Specification Definition Language sdl03.pdf
Experiment 8: HDSL xdsl03.pdf
Experiment 9: SMARTBIT smartbit.pdf

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