ECM3501: Principles of Communication Engineering (I) (Feb. 2007 ~ June 2007)

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Quiz-0311to0317.pdf Quiz-0311to0317-solution.pdf
Quiz-0318to0324.pdf Quiz-0318to0324-solution.pdf
Quiz-0325to0331.pdf Quiz-0325to0331-solution.pdf
No Quiz During 0401to0407
Quiz-0408to0414.pdf Quiz-0408to0414-solution.pdf
Quiz-0415to0421.pdf Quiz-0415to0421-solution.pdf
Quiz-0422to0428.pdf Quiz-0422to0428-solution.pdf
Quiz-0429to0505.pdf Quiz-0429to0505-solution.pdf
Quiz-0513to0519.pdf Quiz-0513to0519-solution.pdf
Quiz-0520to0526.pdf Quiz-0520to0526-solution.pdf
Quiz-0527to0602.pdf Quiz-0527to0602-solution.pdf
Quiz-0603to0609.pdf Quiz-0603to0609-solution.pdf
Quiz-0610to0616.pdf Quiz-0610to0616-solution.pdf

< Semester Grade > COM2007springGrade.pdf

      The final semester grade will be submitted on 6/30. You can get your exam sheet back at ED823. Should you have any problem on your semester grade, please contact TAs directly.

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