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My first guitar lesson could be dated way back to the time when I was still a high school student. In that period, folk songs were those I played most of the time. Then, Sagovia brought my attention to the classical guitar. Fasinated by his performance, I started to self-learn the basic techniques of classical guitar but made not much progress. After becoming a college student, I decided to start from scratch by taking weekly lesson from Shu-Che Lin. From the third volumn to the fifth volumn of a 5-volumn guitar textbook series edited by Lin himself, I enjoyed learning and playing some typical classical guitar songs in two years. I quit playing guitar while preparing the graduate entrance exam. Busy in thesis afterwards, guitar playing became a luxury rather than an enjoyable daily activity. I then spent two years serving the army, and one year in the industry to earn some money for my later four-year Ph.D. study in the University of Maryland, College Park. During this busy period, I still sometimes took guitar lesson from Lin so as to satisfy my personal passion to this instrument. I returned to Taiwan after receiving the Ph.D. degree and never had a chance to resume my practice. In fact, I almost forgot where I stored my beloved guitar that I bought from Lin. It was due to a performing invitation for the piece, Asturias, that I resumed my daily practice. Since I stopped playing guitar for over 10 years, I was very much dissatisfied with my performance but enjoyed it still. Then, I bagan again to have guitar lessons from some well-known guitar masters in Taiwan, such as flamenco guitar master Wei-Ren Chuang and classical guitar master Alfredo Huang. By luck, I also got to know a famous guitar lusier Chin-Chun Lee in Taiwan and of course ordered one from him. Below is a list of some pieces I re-composed or played myself out of fun. I hope others could enjoy them as much as I do.

Guitar Tabs and Audios/Videos of Self-Composed Musics and Guitar Solos

2012/05/02 The Second Day of May - A simple folk song composed by Po-Ning Chen
2012/02/27 The Memory of Love in a Rainy Day (Guitar Solo) - Composed by Po-Ning Chen
2010/06/14 Sparrow (Guitar Solo) - Composed by Po-Ning Chen
2010/05/09 Remembrance (Guitar Solo) - Composed by Po-Ning Chen

Guitar Tabs and Audios/Videos of Self-Rearranged Guitar Solos of Famous Songs

2010/08/05 La Cumparsita (Guitar Solo) - Music by G. H. Matos Rodriguez
2010/07/17 The Little Drummer Boy (Guitar Solo) - Music by K. K. Davis
2010/06/07 Espana Cani (Guitar Solo) - Music by Unknown
2010/04/01 Dance of Yi People (彝族舞曲) (Guitar Solo) - Music by Huei-Ren Wang (王惠然)
2010/03/23 Today (Guitar Solo) - Music by John Denver
2009/02/08 1945 (Cape No. 7 海角七號 Movie Theme) (Guitar Solo) - Music by Chi-Yi Low

Guitar Tabs and Audios/Videos of Self-Rearranged Guitar Accompany Chords

2011/03/12 Here I Am - Air Supply
2011/02/24 God in the Toilet (廁所的神明) - Singer 植村花菜
2011/01/24 Open Arms - Journey
2011/01/01 Invisible Wings (隱形的翅膀) - Singer 張韶涵

Guitar Tabs and Audios/Videos of Guitar Solos and Accompany Chords of Kids Songs

2011/05/10 The Wild Roses (Guitar Solo)
2011/04/17 The Week Song (Guitar Solo)
2011/04/17 Two Tigers (Guitar Solo)
2011/04/17 Oh My Darlings (Guitar Solo)
2011/04/17 Good Morning Song (Guitar Accompany Chord with Melody)


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