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The background music, played by a single guitar and titled The Memory of Love in a Rainy Day, was composed by me on 02/27/2012. Any one who is interested in the guitar tab can download it from my Guitar Spectrum (吉他世界) below.

My Motto: A good teacher gives students a love of the subject, not just the knowledge, so the students can, and most importantly will, make the subject their business to learn........ Jan. 11, 2003 by Po-Ning

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Chinese Brush Painting (國畫寄情)
Guitar Spectrum (吉他世界)
Piano Spectrum (鋼琴音聲)
Quest in Life (浮生散記)
Life in Buddhism (習佛隨想)
Calligraphy Spectrum (書法天地)
Study of Foreign Languages (外語漫學)

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NCTU Yang's Style Tai-Chi Club (交大楊式太極拳社)
Graduation Concert of Tsing-Hua EE85 (清大電機八五級畢業聲演唱會)
Yellow Pages of 1985 EE/Tsing-Hua Graduates (清大電機八五級通訊錄)

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